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Symposium 2022

The annual Symposium will take place at the Westin Grand Hotel in Munichg on November 25, 2022.

New approaches in clinical research - Europe moves  together

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Federal Association of Contract Research Organisations


The “Bundesverband Medizinischer Auftragsinstitute” (BVMA) was founded in July 1991 in order to represent CROs (Contract Research Organisations) which are based in Germany or German speaking countries. The BVMA is based in Munich.

At present 48 companies, operating in the field of clinical research at a national as well as international level, are members of the Association (status: September 2021). Furthermore there is one honorary member. This means that the member companies with their approximately 6,000 employees represent more than 70% of the employees in the German CRO market.

Advantages of Membership

BVMA - Federal Association of Contract Research Organisations
Vice President Ralf Freese,
Board Member Dr. Yvonne Rollinger and
President Martin Krauss


30. BVMA Symposium am 25. November 2022 in München

30. BVMA Symposium am 25. November 2022 in München

Wir freuen uns auf unser Jubiläum - in diesem Jahr feiern wir unser 30. BVMA Symposium.

3. BVMA/BPI-KLIFO-Werkstatt am 07. November 2022 in Berlin

„Risk based Thinking in QMS – Risiken erkennen und abwenden“ - Bei der Fortsetzung der erfolgreichen „KliFo-Werkstatt“, eine Veranstaltungsreihe des…

"eQMS für CROs“ - BVMA Forum-Veranstaltung

Kostenfreie Veranstaltung exklusiv für BVMA-Mitgliedsfirmen am 12. Oktober 2022 in Köln

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