EUCROF European CRO Federation
EUCROF European CRO Federation
EUCROF European CRO Federation

EUCROF European CRO Federation

EUCROF – European CRO Federation

In October 2005 the European CRO Federation - EUCROF was founded in the Netherlands.
Its secretariat is currently in Rome (Italy).

Further information

The members are the local CRO associations

CRO associations from Belgium (BeCRO), Germany (BVMA e.V.), France (AFCROs), Czech Republic (ACRO CZ), Greece (HACRO), Italy (AICRO), the Netherlands (ACRON), Spain (AECIC) , UK (CCRA), Turkey (SAKDER), Slovakia (SACROP) and Sweden (ASCRO). And with  Portugal, Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, UK, Denmark, Switzerland and Ukraine we are delighted to welcome eight associate members.

Take a look at the Organisational Chart to see the approximately 326 legal entities in the 18 member countries. They represent about 300 different CROs with more than 20.000 employees.

The aims and objectives of EUCROF

  • Promote clinical research of high quality in the European Union (EU)
  • Form a legal entity to represent the interests of CROs in the EU, for example, before regulatory bodies and in the exchange of information with the pharmaceutical/biotech industry and the medical research community
  • Promote a close relationship and mutual understanding between the national member associations and the above-mentioned bodies
  • Develop training and educational programmes for clinical research, and assist the national member associations in setting up such programmes and ensuring their quality
  • Distribute information on developments in clinical research to health care professionals
  • Organise international conferences and meetings
  • Propose discussions on selected topics with representatives of the pharmaceutical industry in order to identify common matters and to improve business relations
  • Develop transcontinental relationships with other associations e.g. with ACRO in the USA and JCROA in Japan (see Tokyo Declaration).

The executive board members

  • President – Martine Dehlinger-Kremer, BVMA (DE)
  • Vice-President – Stefano Marini, AICRO (IT)
  • Treasurer  - Yoani Matsakis, AFCROS (FR)
  • Secretary – Simon Lee, CCRA (UK)
  • Board Member - Christophe Golenvaux, BeCRO (BE)

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